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Welcome to High Rannoc!

If you’re reading this, I’m probably missing...or dead. Let’s hope just missing.

I wish I could be there to explain all this in person, but life takes unexpected paths.

Hopefully this journal will be enough to guide you.

Apothecaria is a solo journalling RPG in which you take the role of a village witch creating potions for the unfortunate villagers, adventurers, and monsters that come to you for help. The potions you create and the stories that unfold come together to create a beautiful journal that is unique and personal to you. Fill pages with drawings of ingredients, stories of run-ins with thieving fairies and sleeping giants, and recipes for the potions you have created to keep you right in the future.

With loads of unique ailments like Fairy Fever, Candlesick, and Yeti Chest, Apothecaria aims to capture the humour and feel of games like Theme Hospital and Stardew Valley with the cosiness and wonder of Studio Ghibli films.

What You Need To Play:

  • A deck of cards (Jokers in)
  • Journal
  • Something to write with

Apothecaria is intended to be a long term game and while you can rush through to discover what happened to the missing witch, I feel that its much funner to take your time and expand on the various discoveries that prompt you to create the world and characters around you.

Much like Stardew Valley, Apothecaria drops you into an existing world with characters, unique locales, and plenty of mysteries. As you progress, the stories you create will weave together to flavour your village and the people that come to you for help.

And, at the end, you'll be left with a journal full of memorable moments that makes for great comfort reading or as an artefact for a fantasy RPG.

Physical Copies and Art Postcards can be found at blackwellwriter.com

You can also find @bespoketacle's awesome Reagent Finder at https://potionbrew.softr.app/ 

And while I get the soundtrack sorted out, you can enjoy this playlist compiled by @GoblinMixtape - Spotify


Buy Now$13.00 USD or more

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my friend is brazilian and therefore poor please make more community copies i would really appreciate that i am sorry for rudely harassing you, please have a good day BBB)))


I have a question, though I haven’t started playing yet. I’m starting by drawing a village map. I see the tinker expansion adds a new workshop building, would you able to say if there will be any more expansions with new village buildings in the near future?

I always picture the Workshop as being separate from the village. Most of the expansions so far are separate from High Rannoc except for the Familiar Shelter which is near High Rannoc.
Sorry if that's no help.


That was really helpful, I can finish the map with out overthinking where to leave space. I can always redraw it down the road if need be. Thank you. 

The page number references in the text of the printer friendly version are incorrect. There're only a few and it's quick to correct on the printout. The TOC is correct. 

A minor question, and definitely falls under the “misinterpret rules” command, but I notice that their are several reagents listed under a locale (i.e. mountain) that also show another locale available from the beginning (I.e. forest, or village). Is there a reason why the reagents are listed under specific locales rather than by alphabet? (Narratively, I’ve said it’s the order the witch discovered them, but I wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something!)

Just to be thematic really :) I tried to create the feeling of flicking through all the witche's old tomes to find the right reagents and sorting by locale felt best to me.

<3. Awesome! I was hoping it was something like that, and not me missing a major rule somewhere ! :)

I'm also really sorry to ask, but I've got all of three dollars in my bank account and was hoping to grab a community copy. Is there any chance you're releasing any more soon?

There are now :)


Thank you so much!!!

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Is there any chance this game might have Community Copies available?

I’m really sorry if this is rude. When turned into my country’s currency USD is terrifyingly expensive. Please ignore or delete this if I hurt your feelings.


There are now. Have at it.

Thanks so much!


I am loving this game!  I am playing with a set of tarot cards and it works wonderfully!

Is there a community of players somewhere?


Awesome :D and yeah there is: https://discord.gg/GygdYnA

We share journal entries, homebrew content, and discuss all of my games in the Discord above :)


You’ve created a really wonderful game here! My 7 year old and I just spent the whole weekend playing. We’re having so much fun inventing villagers, running around collecting pretend reagents, and coming up with stories about the events! We’re both just completely enamored with the game. Thank you so much for making it!

I got my paper copy in today from Kickstarter? What is the estimated playtime? I guess what I am asking is if it is reasonable for one sitting.

You could probably complete an Ailment in like 5 to 15 minutes (more if you really sink into it and write a lot) but to get to the highest Rank, find the missing witch, and see all the locales will likely take multiple hours over multiple sittings. 

Think of it as something you can come to whenever you like rather than a game to be completed.


I gave it a go, and, yep, it is a full on campaign! I wrote about two pages of prose for my first "week".

Awesome! :D