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Welcome to High Rannoc!

If you’re reading this, I’m probably missing...or dead. Let’s hope just missing.

I wish I could be there to explain all this in person, but life takes unexpected paths.

Hopefully this journal will be enough to guide you.

Apothecaria is a solo journalling RPG in which you take the role of a village witch creating potions for the unfortunate villagers, adventurers, and monsters that come to you for help. The potions you create and the stories that unfold come together to create a beautiful journal that is unique and personal to you. Fill pages with drawings of ingredients, stories of run-ins with thieving fairies and sleeping giants, and recipes for the potions you have created to keep you right in the future.

With loads of unique ailments like Fairy Fever, Candlesick, and Yeti Chest, Apothecaria aims to capture the humour and feel of games like Theme Hospital and Stardew Valley with the cosiness and wonder of Studio Ghibli films.

What You Need To Play:

  • A deck of cards (Jokers in)
  • Journal
  • Something to write with

Apothecaria is intended to be a long term game and while you can rush through to discover what happened to the missing witch, I feel that its much funner to take your time and expand on the various discoveries that prompt you to create the world and characters around you.

Much like Stardew Valley, Apothecaria drops you into an existing world with characters, unique locales, and plenty of mysteries. As you progress, the stories you create will weave together to flavour your village and the people that come to you for help.

And, at the end, you'll be left with a journal full of memorable moments that makes for great comfort reading or as an artefact for a fantasy RPG.

Physical Copies can be found at blackwellwriter.com

You can also find @bespoketacle's awesome Reagent Finder at https://potionbrew.softr.app/ 


Buy Now$13.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $13 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Apothecaria Pages.pdf 8 MB
Apothecaria Spreads.pdf 8 MB
Apothecaria Pages (Printer-Friendly) formatted by Andrea Rossi.pdf 6 MB
Apothecaria Commentary.pdf 7 MB
Postcards and minigames.zip 86 MB
Apothecaria Soundtrack.zip 371 MB

Exclusive content

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Community Copies

If, for whatever reason, you can't afford the usual price, feel free to grab one of these if there are any left.

I will put up 2 Community Copies for every Rating that people leave :)

Development log


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Оk, I rated the game and waiting for community copies.


Did you rate the game before buying it just to get me to add community copies? :S

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I can't pay with dollars, so I’m trying to get community copies any way I can.


That's not a good way to go about it. Especially as you've rated it 3 stars, that actually affects the game's ranking quite negatively.

I was coming back to get a link to this game and this guy got me to get off my ass and rate the game so I guess I'm doing my part. as the long-time forever dm of my group I salute you. 


When I play this game, I’ll change my rating.


You realize this is how *no* community copies get made available, right?


Is there a way to be notified when community copies gets released?

Hello! I bought a hardcopy version at GenCon last year. Is there any way I can get a digital copy or a discount?


Love world building this is exactly the type of game ive been looking for!


hoping to catch a copy!

Oh no! I can't believe I missed the community copies again! such bad luck, I'll keep checking in the hopes of better timing :D I'm in the middle of doing village witch and was hoping to learn some potions with apothecaria

Any chance of community copies? This game looks really interesting! 

I just put up a couple last night are they gone already? :O


I'm so glad that this was my first experience with Solo RPGs. I had no idea they existed until I saw someone in r/fountainpens discussing how they use them as an excuse to write and draw adventures...and man, I'm hooked!

I originally bought this before Thanksgiving holiday as something to do- and even got started using the PDF- but now that the physical copy is in my hands I intend to invest some insane amounts of playtime. As someone with ADHD, digital media can be a bit hard for me to focus on...but having pages I can bookmark and flip through to work through the game is such a boon for my focus.

I fully intend to return for an expansion book when the time comes. Thank you so much for publishing the basis for such a wonderful adventure! :)

I'm so glad I could be your entry to the hobby and thank you for letting me know how much fun you've been having with it! <3


Great idea for solo game. Using cards as a mechanic + Stardew Valley = ❤️


I just Started Playing as a beginner solo RPG and have so much fun! I got a hard copy from one of my local fairs I am uber-curious about the postcard and mini-game.

10/10 from me

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I picked up the BundleofHolding bundle and am now reading the core book to learn how to play.

Five star rating from me. Looks great!

Just picked up Nightfall, too.

And I see there are some goodies here that weren't in the bundle. I don't mind paying the $13 to complete it, as it looks to be worth the cost. So grabbing it here, too.


Hello! Is there a chance to get a community copy? I would love to buy it, but sadly the conversion from USD to my country's currency is a little too much for me at the moment

Could we maybe get some community copies, please? :)


Are there more community copies? :>

its possibile to have a community copie?


I would like to know how many pages the game has that you purchase before purchasing it

56 pages



I cannot for the life of me figure out how to leave a rating on mobile. But rest assured, between the various odd ailments, interesting encounters (I have tea once a week with a forest royal), and engaging, challenging ingredient collecting, I would leave a 6 stars out of 5. Both an astounding game and wonderful research for a budding game designer like myself! Well done!!


I’m not sure how to leave a rating but once I figure it out, this will be getting the highest rating from me. I’ve been playing this with the teenage child of a friend with us writing in our own journals and he is having an amazing time. Even if I didn’t love it, I would love it for his response. I plan to join on Patreon to support this game and get the expansion packs.  

Thank you so much :) that is awesome to know!

The rating thing is hard to find but it should be on the top right of your screen if you're on desktop :)


Apothecaria is wonderful. There's the exact right mix of structure and free-form writing to make it interesting and move the plot along, but not leave you stranded in a quagmire of choice. ngl I wrote 6k words for the first segment alone and have no regrets.


An amazing game, and an amazing community! Stepping into this cozy little world was so easy and satisfying, and the first time I ever dedicated myself to keeping a handwritten TTRPG log. I love the freedom to craft a story around the detailed potion making process, and each flip of a card is as exciting as the last. I can't wait to play all the expansions!


Such a cozy, comforting game. Great inspiration for writing and imagination. It provides a tight mechanical loop searching for reagents and brewing potions while also delivering open-ended narrative opportunities in events, prompts, downtime, large-scale quests, etc. The annotated commentary PDF is also a fascinating insight into the decisions that went into writing the game.


I adore Apothecaria, I am so glad that I purchased it, it is my first solo RPG. I am hooked. I love the immersive soundtrack.

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Apothecaria is everythinggggg I've introduced multiple friends to the game so we can play it together. I think I've been tricked into writing a short story and honestly I'm having a great time.  The discord community is also active and thriving if you have questions or just want to meet other witch characters across dimensions :)

I'd also recommend checking out:

1. Patchwork Potions by bespoketacle (a series of prompts inspired by this game to flesh out your village and relationships, perfect to whip out during downtime sessions)

2. Village Witch and Build A Witch by Kestrel Eliot (Build a Witch is amazing for creating magical characters, and includes some sample witches to fuel your imagination or populate the world; Village Witch has some great prompts to give any witch a 'problem of the week', especially the Major Arcana prompts)

3. The oracles from Iron Valley by M. Kirin (I use them constantly. You can roll for everything from villager aesthetics and gender to the weather. The base game is pay-what-you-want here on itch.io, and the oracles can be rolled online on Chartopia.)

This game also has plenty of fun expansions, which you can find on itch.io or on Anna Blackwell's Patreon.


Hi there.

I was wondering do you offer a complete Apothecaria and associated expantions as a bundle at all?




Hey Liam, not currently but it is a good idea so keep an eye out, I may do just that.

Hey Anna.

Brilliant thank you :)


omg i LOVE this game! It strikes the perfect balance between good game guidelines and player creativity. The manual is so pretty and charming, I love the way it's written like a previous witch's notes. This is going to be a favorite for a long time!

Thank you so much :)


Hello! I don't live in the USA or Europe so I can'd afford the game normally. Is there a way to get notified when there are more community copies available for it? Thank you!

I never thought about how difficult it might be for people to get these games who don't live in the west or like countries. I hope that someone helped you out and that you were able to get the game. I admire your initiative in writing a comment about this. In my opinion the maker should set it up where if you come from area like that, you get a copy for free. God bless you.

Thank you! Yes, they added more community copies and I was able to grab one. It's a great game! :) 100% recommended!


Helloo, I was wondering if there were any more community copies available? I adore the concept of this game - it sounds so heartwarming and sweet! Tysm in advance :)

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I love what I'm seeing from this game so far, but I'm having an issue with viewing the printer-friendly version on an e-ink device - I did try the regular pages version to see if it had the same issue and it does on a different page, but is overall much more difficult to read on a black-and-white device.

On the page titled "Exploration", there is a black square over the upper right corner of the page when viewing on my e-reader - with the exception of the chunk that has the graphic of a taped bit of paper going through part of it - though not when viewing it on my phone. When I looked at that same page in the regular pages version of the pdf, it shows a ring like a spilled mug might show, though that doesn't appear to have a square-shaped part of the graphic. But maybe it's confusing enough to the e-reader that it can't figure out how to display it. There's a black rectangle in the pages version on the "Reagents Explanation" page, in the middle of the right side, which, again, doesn't seem to correspond to a graphic.

I guess it's probably an issue with how the colors of some subtle graphics are interpreted by the e-reader, which isn't necessarily a bug so much as an incompatibility. Please don't take this as a demand, but I'm wondering if there's any possibility of a version that doesn't have any graphics that overlap the text, or if easier, one without any graphics. I don't really care if there are some pictures here or there that don't display correctly (though all the other images on the printer-friendly version display basically fine) but I can't read the text on the upper corner of the exploration page on that device because of the square.

It's ultimately a want more than a need, because I can pull it up on my phone, but it's a much more comfortable reading experience on an e-ink device due to the fact that it doesn't have any glare and looks essentially like a physical page. I like to do journaling and art at the park or just sitting outside sometimes, so it's a lot nicer to use that.

Regardless of whether or not this is something you can/want to do, I appreciate the work you put into this game, and the fact that you were willing to put it into a bundle that made it affordable for me. Just reading through the booklet has put a lot of story ideas in my mind.

Edit: I went back and looked at the print-friendly version on my phone and realized that the mug ring image isn't on that version, so I'm not actually sure why the e-reader was displaying the exploration page incorrectly - maybe there's some invisible image in the pdf that didn't play nicely? So I'm not sure whether a pdf with fewer images would solve the problem. A text version might, but if that's not something you're able/willing to do, I understand.

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This game is so good that I spend the last two days making a Notion Apothecaria Database for reagents. If anyone is interested in making their own copy, just make sure to click "duplicate" and save it to your own account since you can't edit this one. Happy potion making!


This is so nice! Thank you!

any chance of getting some community copies? i made this account just to comment this, as i’ve been doing tons of research into solo rpg games as a way to be more disciplined and consistent with my writing and this is the perfect exercise! i’ve been going through some mental health struggles and would love to use this as an outlet also.

Hi, any chance of getting any community copies release? This game looks awesome. Thanks!


I got a copy of this a couple months ago and it has kept me incredibly entertained during tough times. A must for everyone who is interested in solo rpgs!


My kid keeps coming back to this. He hasn't ever "finished" it, but it continues to spark his imagination and sense of wonder.

just started this and I love it already. I’m very new to rpgs and solo rpgs so it’s daunting with all the rules, but easy to start slow.

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Hi hi, I just got this game through Bundle of Holding and I'm wondering if there's a way I could get the singles version of the PDF? It only has the two-page spread (that's the only file at all) and I'm struggling to read it. I completely understand if not, and I hope I can enjoy the game full stop!


hi, i just bought this game and it looks awesome but I'm not sur how to start. Are there any instrucciones on hoy to estará a gameplay?


Most people like to write a bit of freeform backstory detailing how they took up the position of village witch in High Rannoc while others like to just jump in with their first patient. 

ok, thank you!


Hi, I recently acquired a copy of this game and 2 expansions through Bundle of Holding, but I'm unable to print them because it's only the full colour spreads. I was wondering whether there was a way I could get a hold of the print-friendly (or at least single-sheet) PDFs without purchasing again? I've read through the core book and I'm really looking forward to playing :)

Hi, I'm from the UK but on holiday abroad. I wanted to buy myself the PDF while here but it won't accept my purchase on here as my billing address is different to my current IP address location. Is there another way I can pay and get the pdf while on holiday?!


Try blackwellwriter.com. 🙂

Oh brill, it does work through there, thank you!!


I keep having questions. Where's the best place to go to get answers? I'm really enjoying the game and I want to be sure I'm playing it correctly.


The best place to go would be the Blackwell Games Discord https://discord.gg/8CTgWRB8

I would love to join the Blackwell Games Discord but this invite link seems to be invalid. Is the discord still open for joining?

Never mind, I found it through your patreon!

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