Physical Copies On Sale Now

Good news everyone! With nearly all of the Kickstarter copies out in the wild I can finally make the physical copies available.

I am so proud of how these games turned out and can't wait to share them with you.

But before you rush off and buy them, just be aware that Itch isn't really set up for this sort of thing so postage is a bit of a pain. My current approach is once you've placed an order, I'll email you a paypal request for the postage cost which I'm basing off of

Each zine is just over 100 grams so annoyingly its charged at the 250g rate.

If you buy multiple copies, I can bundle them together for cheaper postage.

There are around 300 of these beautiful books available so, y'know, get em while stock lasts.

Oh, and might be worth mentioning there are a few typos and one glaring issue in RISE that will be fixed in the PDF versions but can't really be changed in print. I'll outline these below so it doesn't come as a shock and so you know what to do.


  • Wolf Cannon is a typo, they are just Cannons
  • Any instance of 50% STR should be +50% STR


  • Rules for completing the game were accidentally put in the Optional section. Your goal is to reach Level 20, which is 20 rows up from your Dungeon Heart. You can use the layers instead to make a longer and more challenging game.


  • Extreme Planet rules say that Habitats cost double but are free, Ignore that and instead use this rule: The power cost for rooms built on the surface is doubled.

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