Feedback Update

After reading over a lot of the feedback on DELVE, I've made some changes to the Drawbridge and Prison rooms, added in some clarifying text, included a table of contents (with PDF bookmarks) and an FAQ at the back of the book.


DELVE Pages.pdf 3 MB
Aug 15, 2022
DELVE Spreads.pdf 3 MB
Aug 15, 2022

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I purchased a physical copy from Exalted Funeral, and I too am interested if there will be a supplement to update my copy. Thanks Anna 🙂

I purchased on How do I get the updated files?

I'm wondering this too. I really wish I'd known the games were here on before I purchased at blackwellwriter. It would have been nice to have everything in one place.

Whoops, my head was spinning yesterday and I forgot to update the site as well. Doing that right now!

@BlackwellWriter thanks but I'm not sure that's going to help those of us who purchased through as the links in the purchase email only work for 30 days. After that,  when you click the links you get a "Forbidden" message in the webpage that opens. There isn't a login area  on like on where you can re-download titles in your library, instead purchases through seem to pretty much be a one-time download, through the links in the email, unless I'm missing something, in which case please correct me. I too wish I had purchased everything through one place, but I initially stumbled on and made several purchases there before realizing they were also available on . 

As a side note, I'm a Patreon, are you going to release these updates through Patreon?

Hi, I'm not quite sure how to sort that. I can provide itch keys if contacted directly but I'm not sure how to sort the website to handle that directly. As a Patreon, you have access to all the expansions but not all the base games.

All of that is to say that I can get you an key.

Thank you, just sent you an email.

Thank you!

I already have Delve(paid for) are there files to download to update the original?Thank you.

You have to use the My Library link in the dropdown at the top right of the site. I don't know when itch changed that - it confused me too. Thanks for the update Anna!