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The First expansion to DELVE, Feast and Famine introduces the Hunger mechanics from UMBRA to your dwarvish holds. To stave off starvation, you'll have to use the new farming rooms like the Forge-Bee Apiary, Mushroom Gardens, or Cave Goat Milking Sheds.

Crops can then be processed to create special benefits like STR bonuses, unique adventurers, new golems, and more.

Feast and Famine also introduces Cave Goats, horrific dwellers of the depths that dwarves keep for their famously magical cheese. There are 6 species to find, each with their own unique benefits.

This expansion is free as it will be considered canon going forward. Meaning, the mechanics introduced in here will be included in later expansions (such as more involved Fishing in DELVE: The Dark Sea).

So enjoy this first expansion in all its indie designer glory (I'll add a real cover as soon as I can. Promise.)

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsDrawing, dwarf, solo


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I have a clarifying question about the Butcher:

Must I empty a coop/kennel/larder every time I want the bonus, or do I only need to do it once, and get the bonus for the rest of the game?

The later sounds too op, so I'm leaning towards the former.


I only just now got notification that this is a thing. Thank you Anna, I look forward to incorporating these expanded rules into my solo play!

Love to see some one playing the Delve first in video


This is the only video of gameply I have been able to find. https://youtu.be/coqZMUFd2C0

Hi! My friends and I are excited!  Any plan to sell a printed version?


Eventually but not for quite a while. My plan is to release all the little expansions like Feast & Famine, Trading, etc for free then bundle them together for a print edition.

OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  Looking forward to it, my partner and I

Good morning!

I've jumped into this game, and I really like the flavor of the added elements. Great job! While paying with it, I did find one omission, though, Cave Goats mention how they change as they age... but I cannot find any rules on what would cause them to increase in age.


Whoops. Fixed it now. In the Cave Goats section it now says 

"Whenever you draw a Joker, every goat in your hold ages up one step"

Great, I've added that to my PDF.

I've come across a two more questions in today's game:

The bakery says "Units.. gain +5 STR". Is that per unit, or per troop? That is, would a troop of 10 warrior units go from 50 to 100 STR, or to 55 STR?

The term "dedicated" is only used for kitchens and inns. However, there are also references to linked and required room -- are these meant to be dedicated?