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This game was originally made as a one page RPG for Tabletop Gaming Magazine's Monthly Microgame.

Arr me hearties! The captain is a greedy cur and its about time we do something about 'em! It's time to mutiny!

Mateys is a silly little roleplaying game in which you create your own pirate personality (don't worry there are no stats, just silly voices) and work with your fellow mutineers to overthrow the captain and take all the booty for yourself.

And the best part? You do it all with a Pop Up Pirate (or whatever pirate barrel stabbing game you can find). For each part of your grand plan to overthrow the captain, you'll declare your action, something like:

"Arr, as we all know, the captain be a fan of the grog. A little tipple before bed keeps the sirens at bay they always say. Well, what if the captain's nightcap had a few more sleeping pills in it? Keep 'em sleepin through the next part of the plan?"

You then choose a slot, stick a sword in and if the pirate doesn't pop, you've succeeded!

"Yarr! Out like a drunkard's lighthouse, they'll be sleepin all day if we're lucky!"

The next player can then build on this for their part of the ad hoc plan until you either run out of swords or the pirate pops.

Mateys is part of the upcoming Toybox Trove, a collection of games that reimagine kid's toys in fun new ways. Follow me here or on Twitter to keep up to date with new releases :)


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